Agence artistique Provencher strives to offer actors, writers, directors, composers, presenters, designers and stage directors an optimal environment to fully focus on their artistic endevours. Agence Provencher brings together arts management and administration services under the same roof, to support the full potential of each artist. Agency services are personalized, professional and specifically developed to meet client aspirations in regards to: career management, marketing strategy, scheduling and contract negotiation. At the administrative level, the agency provides accounting, tax filing, tax and financial planning services. These complementarity services are of major benefit to its clients and position Agence Provencher as an essential and unique player in the arts.


Manon Provencher
President, Agent and Administrator

Having co-founded the Lapierre-Provencher Agency in 2011, Manon Provencher has developed solid experience as a Talent Agent. Sincerly passionate about art, she wishes to collaborate with artists to offer them innovative strategies and support them in their careers. Sensitive and attentive to their needs, for her, each artist is unique and deserves personal attention. Manon Provencher has also acquired over 27 years of experience in the field of artistic production. Her 12 years at the National Film Board (NFB) as an administrator as well as her production experience at Avanti and Just for Laughs, enabled her to gain expertise in several areas of artist management, such as: production, project management, administration, contract negotiation and rights management. Her training in finance and proven skills in the areas of theatre, variety, comedy, television, recording, film and interactive productions, have honed her wider perpective of artists’ needs.


Accounting Technician